Friday, May 2, 2008

Crazy Day

Oh, my! That was one exciting trip to Arkansas. Tornadoes, torential rains, and questionable driving all led to a great time talking with the fifth grade class at Little Rock Christian.

I don't know how the kids felt, but I had a wonderful time! It was a long drive out, and a long drive back, but TOTALLY worth it.

Thanks, guys and girls, for letting me hang out with you for part of the day.

On Monday, I will be posting answers to a writing exercise we had during the visit.


Sarah Caroline said...

I just finished your book, Where Would Cows Hide? I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next book to come out. My favorite parts were when the boys were trapped in the cellar and worked together to get out, and when Zoey really listened to God.
Sarah Caroline student in Mrs. Murphy's 5th grade class at LRCA

Kathie said...

Hi, received Where Would Cows Hide? in the mail, but.....I have lost all the info on the blog tour (which I am taking part in). HELP!

Kathie in Costa Rica

D.C. Stewart said...

Thank you, Sarah. I had a great time talking to your class. You guys were very nice, and a lot of fun!

D.C. Stewart