Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Information Overload

Hello again.

I am having trouble adjusting to a normal routine again after my wonderful four days in the mountains. The YMCA of the Rockies was SO beautiful, and if I have the opportunity to return next year, I hope I can bring my whole family to enjoy the facility.

While at the conference, we packed an incredible amount of information and activity into a few really LONG days, and honestly, I have been unable to go through my notes from the trip since I got home. Every time I pull out a handout I received from a faculty member, a child runs or crawls (YES! my baby girl is starting to crawl!) into the room, and immediately makes a grab for the paper. I wrestle it away from the child, get them interested in another activity or toy, and try to go over the notes again, but more distractions pop up (the construction going on next door, the phone ringing, the kids fighting), and I don't finish going over the materials.

After meeting so many wonderful people, and receiving such great advice and learning techniques, I hate the feeling of waste I have right now. Some people may take days, weeks, months, or even longer to go over materials from a conference. Some may never look over the information they received at a conference once they return home.

I like to jump right on it. I like to ride the "high" of being around so many publishing professionals, and start incorporating their knowledge into my writing. Having the opportunity to learn from the pros, and soak up their enthusiasm for the written word, has been an honor and I want to continue to take full advantage of the situation.

Maybe this afternoon I can get all the kids down for a nap at once, and spend an hour or so diving back into all that juicy writing information.

See you Friday!

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