Monday, May 11, 2009

Wild Kingdom

Good morning, everyone.

It's Monday and we are off to a running start in the new week. Tonight the boys are supposed to play t-ball, but I have a sneaky suspicion we'll be having another rain-out.

So, we're looking at lots of money spent for one t-ball game this season. We may have to seriously rethink whether the boys will play next year or if we might switch to another sport.

Well, yesterday was a really fun day for the boys. Mom and my brother came over to the city for lunch. We stuffed ourselves on seafood, and then went to a nearby lake to give the kids a chance to run around and work off some energy.

Plus, the boys have become fascinated with collecting bugs. Not sure why, exactly, but they've been hunting all over our yard for three days looking for insects to collect.

So at the lake, we found scads of ladybugs, and then they found a couple of crab claws near the rocks by the shore. And then a few more. And a few more. They had probably collected a dozen, plus the bugs, by the time we walked half a mile around the lake.

Then they were searching in the crevices of the rocks with their uncle, and found a baby turtle.

Oh, my gosh!

You'd have thought they struck gold.

They were dancing with excitement and could they please, please, oh, pretty please, keep it?!!

Hubby declared it was better than getting them a dog, and the baby turtle now has a new home in a terrarium filled with rocks, sticks and mud. Mr. Turtle doesn't seem too keen on the plants we've been providing for his meals, and I think we're going to be doing some research on turtle care, and maybe a trip to the store to pick up some turtle food.

And with the flowers they've been trying to grow in their bedroom (snap dragons, bachelor's buttons, and a couple of others) it looks like wild kingdom in there.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous week.


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