Friday, May 8, 2009

Trouble Following Directions

Hello, all.

Friday is here. Hooray!

We've had a busy week, but not the way we thought. All the t-ball games were cancelled because the field was a muddy mess, but the coach is hoping it will dry out by tomorrow so we can have practice, and then pick up with games again next week.

But it's been busy with hubby at the new job, which he thinks he's going to really enjoy, and the kids at home. The neighborhood we live in is packed with kids, and a few of them have made their way to our yard when the boys are outside playing on the trampoline.

I am probably just an overprotective mother, but since my sons are a year or two younger than most of these kids, I don't let them leave the yard. Any kids who want to play have to stay here.

So in the past two days that the sun has been out, our yard has been filled with loud, noisy boys.

And they are making me crazy.

We have one little guy who has a really hard time listening to instructions . . . "No, you can't spit water at each other," and he does it anyway. So I'm not really sure how to handle him yet. I'm not thrilled with the idea of the "laying down the rules" speech, and then sending the kid home because I hate to be mean, but I also hate having a child look right at me and then do the exact thing I just asked him not to do.

So it could get pretty wicked over here. I should get my black hat and broom ready to go.

Other than that, school, the house, new job, and writing are keeping us all busy. So I'm off to shower and get the day started.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe.


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