Friday, March 20, 2009

Sping Break is Over

Hello all.

I must say, I am so glad today is Friday, for many reasons.

No 1: My husband has his first of three interviews. Yay! We're hoping to hear good news from at least one of them over the next couple of weeks.

No. 2: The kids are on the mend, finally, and hopefully they won't be passing anymore germs around to each other.

No. 3: I'm hoping for warm weather so we can get out and have some fun over the weekend.

And most importantly: The kids are going back to school on Monday! Not that I don't love my kids, and I'm grateful that they've had the week to recover from being sick, but I am so ready to have a little time away from them.

The baby girl will still be home, but when her brothers aren't with her, she seems to stay a little more calm.

But for as much as I've been talking about them being gone, I've enjoyed some of the great snuggly moments we've had while they've been on Spring Break. And I wish very much they had felt better so they could have played outside and enjoyed their new trampoline a little more.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll post again on Monday.


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