Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello, all.

Well, I'm going to try to keep Friday's from becoming "all about Burn Notice" posts, so I'll only say, I really loved this episode.

Moving on . . .

We are fortunate to still have power, but after only a day of being couped up, the kids are getting a little antsy. My completely clean living room now looks like a tornado hit it. I can hear them in their bedroom climbing the walls.

We've already had one bloody nose, and a bloody lip. I'm hoping we make it through the rest of the weekend with no broken bones or other reasons to head for the ER.

I'll be working on repairing the damage to the house and finding quiet, calm games to keep them out of trouble.

Hubby's been very helpful, but for as patient as he can be, yelling/screaming kids bring out his angry side. Imagine that. He's had a few "I'm so frustrated with these little monsters I need to go stand out in the freezing cold for a couple of minutes to cool down" moments, but overall he's handled it well.

So now I am off to get some work done.

Have a great weekend.


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