Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey folks.

Running a little late this morning, but the Princess is being a royal pain in my backside. She has figured out how to unlock all the doors in the house, both interior and exterior, and finds nothing wrong with bolting out the door anytime the fancy strikes her.

So I've been paying extra close attention to her whereabouts at all times, because you never know when she'll decide it's time to go outside, whether I'm there or not.

I'm also a little annoyed (actually jealous, as in green as a John Deere tractor) with my family right now. Last weekend I found out they are headed to Texas this weekend to go to an Australian Shepherd dog show.

Which is fine. I wasn't interested in that part of the weekend. I don't have a dog, don't particularly want one at this point in my life, I'm having a hard enough time keeping a husband, 3 kids and 2 fish alive, thank you very much.

They mentioned going to the outlet malls to do some shopping. That tweaked the jealousy monster a little bit. I'm not big on shopping most of the time, but I have a specific fondness for outlet malls. But money is tight for us right now, like it is for a lot of people, so I let that one go, too. No need to put myself in a position to be tempted to spend money we don't have on things we don't need.

They brought up the possibility of going into Dallas to see a museum. Nobody mentioned the specific museum and I didn't ask. The museums I would want to see are definitely NOT the same ones they would want to go to, so I didn't think any more about it.

But the thought has been on my mind for months about going to see the filming of "The Good Guys" a new TV show set in Dallas that is being created by the same guy who created Burn Notice.

Now, if you've had a conversation with me in the last 9 months, you know I have become a complete BN fanatic!!! And I've been eagerly awaiting this new show, too. If it's even half as good as Burn Notice is, I'm gonna be hooked for life!

So I mentioned to mom on the phone this morning (completely joking, in no way serious) if they had a chance, they should stop by Fair Park and see the filming of "The Good Guys."

And she says, "Well, you know, I think that's where the museum is that your sister-in-law wants to see."


"You're going to Fair Park?!"

"Well, maybe. We haven't really decided yet."

"M-o-m!!!" (Imagine lots of long, drawn out syllables like a cranky teenager.)

"Good grief, we probably won't even see anything."

"The whole freaking area is the studio, Mom. They set it up that way. They're parked under the freaking Ferris Wheel."

Which I have no idea if that's true or not. I know they're shooting all over the city. I know they are using the fairgrounds as their main studio location, and I know they have one of the main characters living in a trailer parked beneath the Ferris Wheel. However, the likelihood of them being there this weekend is slim to none.

So after talking me out of my hyperventilating-hysteria that I was going to miss the opportunity to see them filming the new show, Mom promised to call if they see anything at all.

I insisted on pictures and lots of details, no matter how trivial. I hope they get to see everything, meet all the cast and crew, and can come back and tell me all about it.

In my dreams.

Hope your weekend is wonderful. Have fun.


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