Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey everyone.

Busy morning.

We had t-ball practice Monday night and then came home to practice catching some more. It was the twins' idea, not mine. But I stood outside in the wind and dust chasing after misdirected tosses, and am proud to say they were able to catch quite a few throws.

This morning we (the Princess and I) are on our way to a friend's house to work on a gift basket auction for our writer's group. So if I can guilt any of you into ordering one . . .

We're putting them on Ebay in hopes of getting more bids.

And again, if I can guilt-trip anyone into bidding, please remember it's for a good cause . . . helping poor, starving, deprived artists *sniffles and blubbers* who could desperately use the help.

Okay, melodramatic moment over.

We have practice again on Friday and most likely a busy weekend ahead.

And I'm off. Hope the rest of your week goes great.


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