Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Today is the day. We got the boys up and ready, fed them breakfast (waffles w/syrup and vanilla yogurt), combed their hair, brushed their teeth, back-packs loaded, and we were off to our FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!

It was at least somewhat similar to Meet the Teacher day. Lots of cars, nowhere to park, kids and parents waiting in line to get in the building, drizzly and rainy, etc. We get everybody in the building, and of course mommy has to stop and take some pictures (and I'm sorry, I can't post the pictures until I get the USB cable from my mom's house, it got left there, long story), then we got Twin B to his class first.

We walk in, and of course my normally outgoing son clings to my side. He puts his back-pack in the cubby, takes out the papers his teacher asked us to fill out, and finds a place to sit, but does none of this less than two inches from me. But after a couple of minutes he started to adjust, and said he was fine with me taking Twin A to his classroom. Dear Husband and I promised to check on him again before we left, and we walked our other son to his room.

Same scenario. Velcro-Child has to be pried from my side, and moments later, he is fine. Hubby and I bounced back and forth between their classes for about ten minutes (a few minutes with one son, a few minutes with the other) until we felt sure they weren't going to have a last minute breakdown if we left. Which I highly doubt they would have, but still, I just had to make sure.

And now for Mommy. How am I doing? As I left (dear husband had to rush to work after we got the boys to class) I watched tearful mothers hugging or holding hands with comforting husbands. I saw one mom in Twin B's class hugging her child so tight I thought the kid was losing oxygen, and she looked ready to fall apart. But I didn't get that emotional, which is unusual for me because I cry at the drop of a hat.

Personally, I felt a moment of "Mommy Pride" that my little men are growing up. I felt apprehensive and fierce when one of my sons looked lost and unsure of himself after I left him. I wanted to grab the teacher, plant her beside his chair, and tell her not to leave his side ALL DAY in case he got worried or scared again.

Then I got a grip, waved and smiled when he finally noticed me standing by the door, and felt instant relief when he smiled and waved back, and went back to playing with a puzzle. Of course, I had to call my mom after I left, but I think over all, I'm doing okay.

I know they loved Pre-K, and I know they are going to love Kindergarten, too.

And I know I am going to love having a few hours of peace and quiet during the day, with the exception of Little Miss Prissy, who is now babbling non-stop.

More later.

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