Friday, April 25, 2008

One of THOSE Parents

I am in big trouble here. I am going to be one of THOSE parents who embarrass their children to death at every event in their life.

Just to give a bit of backstory (a no-no for an author, I know, but it's my blog so I will): my 4 year old twin sons are on a T-Ball team. Picture a dozen small children running around in circles, sitting on top of their gloves in the outfield, sitting in the wrong direction on top of their gloves in the outfield, running to the pitcher's mound instead of first base (one of my sons!), carrying their bat with them all the way to first base, and on and on.

The first game was fun. Actually it was hilarious, but fun, too. (visit my Shoutlife blog for details All the kids got to bat. All the kids got to play different positions on the field, and they rotated every inning. None of the kids really knew what they were doing, the coaches on both teams tried to help all the kids out, and everybody had a good time.

Now we get to the game last night. The opposing team was a bit older, maybe 5 and 6 year olds. Their team had obviously played before. They actually knew how to throw the ball and what their glove was for.

While our kids were still trying to figure out how to get the ball and find a base, the coaches for the other team are sending their kids around the bases like they were running laps on a track.

The previous game, when a kid hit the ball they ran to the first base then stopped. Next batter, next base. Until everyone made it home. Not so with this game. They were trying to score on every hit, every time. my husband so calmly pointed out, the players on our team didn't know. They had no idea the other team was playing to win, not playing for fun. Our team doesn't even understand the concept of win vs. lose. And they did have fun. Lots of fun. But as a parent, I have to say I was very upset that the coaches for the other team were more interested in getting the win than in giving ALL the kids a chance to play the game for sheer fun.

In fact, I became so aggitated one of the other moms reminded me that if you cause a scene at a game, you are banned from the ball park FOREVER!

Any parent who has ever caused a scene at one of their children's events can relate. Any kid who has had a parent embarrass them at an event can probably relate, too. But remember, if your parents didn't care about you soooo much, they wouldn't make fools of themselves like that.

So from now on, I have made it my mission at every game to: 1.) Stay calm. It's only a game. 2.) Stay calm. The kids will learn to play in their own time, regardless of what the other team does. 3.) Stay calm. Getting banned from the ball park isn't going to do me or my family any good. It will be difficult to explain to 4 year olds why mommy jumped the fence and tried to beat a coach with a bat.


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bigguysmama said...

D.C. I'm definitely one of those parents. I didn't realize I had it in me! My 14 yr old plays basketball and this year the opposing team had an OBNOXIOUS parent. He would yell at the team if they ran down the court! So, being the person that I am I started yelling at the stupidest things "encouraging" the girls just like he was. It was hysterical. I think he got the point. An example..."NICE JERSEY!! YEAH, NICE JERSEY!!! GO CARDS!" Screaming it mind you. The parents on my side were just dying!!! Ah, that's just me!!! May the Lord bring you calm beyond your wildest dreams! I'll need it too with my little dudes in baseball this summer.